Mango 3.0 Upgrade Notes

Upgrading to Mango 3.0 is supported but the following items should be considered before you proceed:

  • Before upgrading to Mango 3.0 we recommend you first take a few steps:
  • Mango 3.0 requires Java JDK 8, be sure you upgrade your Java JDK before upgrading.
  • The upgrade from Mango version 2 to Mango version 3 is not free, before you upgrade we recommend you contact us to purchase a discounted upgrade license. For a limited time we will also be offering free upgrades in exchange for a short case study on your Mango application.
    • There are several new license options for Mango 3.0.  They all include the NoSQL database for no extra charge but some of them have a restricted number of data points.
  • Do a test upgrade on a copy of your Mango installation and database offline so you can understand how the process goes.
  • DGLux is not supported in Mango 3.0, if you are using DGLux we recommend that you plan to migrate your dashboards into our new HTML5 Dashboard Framework.  You can contact us to discuss this process.
  • Dashboards Module
    • If you are using the dashboards module in Mango 2.X this now deprecated and is replaced by the new MangoUI module in 3.0
      • The dashboards module is functionally identical to v3.3.1 and exists only to facilitate migration to the UI module
    • You will need to migrate your custom pages and menus from the dashboards module to the new UI module
      • There is a simple utility which will copy your old custom pages to the new UI module, navigate to /dashboards/page-migration, press “Copy” then “Save”
      • Your custom menu items will need to be manually re-created in the new UI module
      • You can uninstall the dashboards module when you are finished migrating your pages and menus
    • The AngularJS module documentation and code templates are not up to date, please hold tight for an upcoming release
  • There are many new properties in the file.  You may want to copy the new file into your overrides/properties folder and make any necessary changes.
  • NoSQL Database: All new commercial versions now include the option to use the NoSQL Database. There is a migration tool that allows you to migrate your historical data from the H2 or MySQL database into the NoSQL database.  This will give you great increases in speed and performance.
  • If after the upgrade the Mango login page fails to load in your web browser please check that you have your ad-blocker disabled for your domain. The default blocking list for several popular ad-blockers blacklists some of our JavaScript files, we will resolve this in an upcoming release.