Bulk Importing Data Points

You can create large numbers of Data Points in Mango using a few methods.  One of the easiest is to use the CSV Download and Upload.  To do this you first need to make Data Point Templates that you can assign to each Data Point in the CSV.

Step one is to create some Data Points manually using Data Point Templates for the logging and other settings.  Then you can download a CSV of these Data Points with the CSV download icon.

Screenshot 2018-02-28 20.46.19.png

You can then add new rows or modify the rows in the CSV and import back into Mango.  Just remember to add new Data Points you need to create XIDs that don't exist in Mango already.  Importing a CSV file with matching XIDs will update existing points.

To import the CSV copy and past it into the Data window on the Configuration Import / Export page.  Select CSV as the format and then click the Import button.

Screenshot 2018-02-28 20.47.22.png