Infinite Automation Technical Support

IAS offers free technical support in our forum. Staff members monitor the forum daily and answer questions. Providing free technical support in our public forum allows the whole Mango community to benefit.  As you become a Mango Master we encourage you to help others in the community too.

If you can’t find a solution already posted in the forum, troubleshooting articles, or in our documentation then please post your question in the appropriate forum category.

If you are pretty sure you’ve found a bug in Mango, please report it by posting your issue in the Mango Feedback Category. For the best results and faster turnaround times, please read the Good Bug Reporting article in our knowledge base Resources section.

If you have a license issue please see our License Issues Page.

We understand that some customers have support requirements that exceed the community support in our forum. We also offer paid support plans. Contact Us for for information.