You can explore the API by enabling Swagger within your Mango installation. To enable Swagger edit your file like this: 

#For rest API Documentation at 
#Mango 3.4.5 and before: /swagger/index.html
#Mango 3.5 and after: /swagger-ui.html 

Restart Mango and login as admin user and then go to the URL specified above.

Partial List of Available API Endpoints

data-point-summary : Data Point Summaries

/v1/data-point-summaries - Query Data Points
/v1/data-point-summaries/explain-query - Get Explanation for Query
/v1/data-point-summaries/query - Query Data Points

data-points : Data Points

/v1/data-points - Query Data Points
/v1/data-points - Insert/Update data points
/v1/data-points/bulk-apply-read-permissions - Bulk Update Read Permissions
v1/data-points/bulk-apply-set-permissions - Bulk Update Set Permissions