Follow the instructions below to quickly and easily install Mango.

General Installation steps:

  1. Download and install the latest Java JDK (see 'About Java' below)
  2. Download the Mango full zip file here
  3. Unzip Mango into a directory of your choice
  4. Start Mango with one of the start-up scripts in the /bin folder

The following links will help you with the slight differences between each operating system:

About Java

We recommend Oracle Java. You can download the appropriate JDK from Oracle at this link:

  1. Select JDK Download
  2. Read and accept the Oracle License Agreement for the latest version of the Java SE Development Kit
  3. Select the appropriate file for the operating system on which you intend to install Mango

On some systems you may also need to set an environmental variable JAVA_HOME pointing to your JDK install directory. This is covered under the installation procedure for each operating system.

Logging In In For The First Time

Mango installs with a default admin user. After logging in for the first time, the password should be changed.

  • User id: admin
  • Password: admin