You’ve read the docs, searched our troubleshooting section and forum to see if maybe you are just doing something wrong, You’ve tried everything you can think of but it sure looks like Mango is misbehaving. Now you want to get this fixed so you can get back to building your awesome SCADA system. No problem, just tell IAS about it and they will fix it right away, right? We wished it could work that way but fixing bugs is really hard work and we need your help.

Good bug reporting

  • Supply pertinent information, leaving out extraneous data. 
    • Browser version
    • Mango version
    • Operating System (i.e. Linux <Distribution>, Windows <Version>, MacOS <Version>)
    • JSON configuration export of your data sources
  • Find the minimum system configuration and steps to reproduce the error. When you are able to isolate a bug then our developers can reproduce the issue in their debug environments. Sometimes they can just look at the code and see the problem but usually it takes more work than that.
  • Describe the steps in detail to reproduce the issue. Describe what happens vs what you expected to happen. 
  • Check your ma.log logfile (located in <Mango_Root>/logs> to see if there are clues that may help you solve the issue. Be prepared to send the logfile to us if we ask for it.
  • Always check the Troubleshooting section on the website, maybe this is a known issue with a known fix or workaround.
  • Check the forum. Especially the Mango Feedback Category to see if anyone else is having the same issue.
  • If this is a Mango UI problem then reproduce the error with Development Tools open in Google Chrome (or FireBug in FireFox) and capture any errors that show up there. See if you are unfamiliar with these tools.