Startup Extensions can be found in the MA_HOME/bin/ext-available folder. This directory contains scripts that act as extensions to the generic MA scripts. Extension scripts can be enabled by copying an extension file to the MA_HOME/bin/ext-enabled dir to the scripts in this directory.  This allow extensions to persist even after a upgrade of the Mango core.

Extensions are run in the source shell, and so can define or override variables defined in other scripts. Extensions are provided a parameter in their call that determines the current activity. These are init, start, restart, and stop.

Setting Mango / Java Memory on startup

The most common extension use are the memory extensions to override the system defined memory given to Mango. These are applied on on the 'init' call, to prevent multiple command line arguments for the same attribute. Therefore, you must stop then start (not simply restart) Mango to have the default memory scripts applied.